South Walton Resident to Run for U.S. Congress

Mark Wichern, U.S. Congress, Florida, District 1 Candidate

Walton County resident and businessman, Republican Mark Wichern, has announced his second bid for U.S. Congress, Florida, District 1.

Wichern self-funded most his own campaign in 2014.

Wichern said he is running as a “constitutional conservative” Republican who stands for local control of government and education.

Wichern, the son of a Korean War Veteran, is the owner of Restoration Coach, a small business development company, which has created thousands of careers and assisted over 30 start-up businesses become multimillion dollar enterprises.

He said he wants to use his knowledge, programs and experience to create jobs in Northwest Florida. He also advocates for the gun rights, a strong military, revamping the education system, border issues and veterans issues. He said he lost his brother in 2014 due to Veterans Affairs misdiagnosing his illness.

Wichern lives in Walton County with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Madison. He is also the proud father of a a grown son, Dan, and grown stepson, Trevor.

For more info, visit Mark Wichern’s website or call 850-830-6300.