ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival

May’s a special time to visit South Walton for many reasons… The weather is wonderfully warm, and the Spring Break masses have gone back to study for finals. But it’s also special because of a tradition here known as ArtsQuest, an annual festival hosted by our Cultural Arts Alliance.

Each year, more than 130 artists are hand-selected by a jury, months in advance, to exhibit their unique hand-crafted works at the annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival in Seaside. This juried show is two-and-a-half days long and combines artistry with live music, public art demonstrations and tons of activities for adults and kids alike. Whether you’re an artist, or just an art lover, ArtsQuest is one of South Walton’s premier events and longest-living traditions, for good reason.

ArtsQuest is held in Seaside every May. For a complete schedule and much more info, check out

DID YOU KNOW? ArtsQuest awards $10,000 in cash prizes to artists in various categories, including Best In Show, Best In Category, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit and Best Booth.

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