How Local Erin Igram Ditched Corporate America for the Beach

From left to right: Erin Igram and The 30A Show hosts Laura Holloway and Cory Davis

The 30A Show debuted this week on 30A Radio with corporate quitter Erin Igram. While that title may sound harsh, Igram says it’s actually amazing.

Now, she runs a non-profit public relations agency called Purpose Communications, and she wakes up every morning attempting to inspire people with good hearts to do great things.

Is that the best job ever? Well, she says it’s the best move she’s ever made.

She also chats about Dog Harmony, a non-profit for dog lovers that she works with. Oh, and then there’s the best whiskey drinks, Leonardo DiCaprio and some marketing tips. All in one tiny podcast from 30A Radio.

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And now on to the show!